Price: Varies per patient, discuss in consult

Kybella is the latest and most innovative type of FDA-approved aesthetic injectable that’s designed to target fat cells underneath your chin and along your jawline (submental fullness). Made with a proprietary deoxycholic acid formulary, Kybella destroys fat cells by breaking them down and stimulating fat absorption.

Once targeted fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good. Unless you gain weight in the future, you won’t have to worry about accumulating unsightly fatty deposits underneath your chin.

What happens during a Kybella session?

Getting a Kybella treatment involves receiving a series of targeted injections. But the team at West Coast MedSpa wants to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible before getting started. Therefore, your treatment will start with numbing the area prior to injection.

After cleansing your skin, your aesthetic practitioner applies a stencil to your skin to map out precisely where injections need to go, based on your chin profile. The next step involves making several injections with Kybella’s very thin needle.

Is there any downtime with Kybella?

You can return to work and all of your normal activities after your Kybella session. You might be a little red, swollen, and sore afterward, so you may not want to schedule your Kybella session the same day as an important event.

Although fat starts breaking down right away, it takes several weeks for you to see dramatic results with Kybella. For optimal results, your dedicated practitioner at West Coast MedSpa could recommend anywhere from two to four Kybella sessions, each spaced at least one month apart.